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Removal of Adware, Spyware, Malware and Viruses

This tends to be the most prevalent service we are asked to perform.  Often viruses can be mistaken for other forms of invasion on your computer.  These other invaders all can be lumped under the term "Malware".  They are all bad for your computer and can slow it down to a crawl, or even worse shut it down completely. 

It often goes something like this, you are going out to various websites and searching for something, and you notice the next time you turn your computer on it seems to be slowed down a little.  It isn't enough to interfere with your use yet, but each time you go out to various sites you notice it seems to be slowing down more and more.  If you download something for free you can often download a lot more than the free offer, and it eventually will bring your computer to a screeching halt.  Immediately you think, my computer has a virus, but I have anti-virus software, how can that be?  You are correct you do have anti-virus software, but it will not stop any of the other invaders such as Spyware (to see where you go on the web), hence its name.  There is also Adware, which hooks up to your computer and tracks your moves out there on the Information Highway.  We like to think of them as hitch hikers you haven't invited along for the ride, and who are about to use your resources for their benefit.  You want to pitch them out on their ear, but you are stuck with them.  This is where you need help, and we can provide that help to clean your computer up, and to keep it running smoothly.  Often when you try on your own you leave little pieces that are installed where you can't find them, and they pop right back up the next time you start your computer engine to cruise the internet.

We have added a page to our site where you can read about these invaders and better understand the damage they can do.  You computer resources should be your resources and not some invader who wants to snoop into your path on the internet. (Click here and you can find that page).  We have also included definitions for Viruses, Trojans and Worms, provided by Symantec (Norton Anti-Virus)

We also provide current threat information from Symantec below:

We can remove any of these threats from your computer.


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