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Basic Computer Solution's Suggestions for Green Computing

  1. Use a high quality surge protector (1700 Joules or higher) and turn off your computer and supporting devices at night or when you plan to be away from the computer for a period of time using the switch on the surge protector.
  1. Turn off printers that you only use for special tasks.  This might include a scanner, photo printer, etc.
  1. Buy Energy Star computers and other electronic equipment where they meet your needs.  Our website will provide links to these guidelines (Below), and we can help you determine how to size your computer to your needs.  If you own another type of computer please email us for help.
  1. Have your computer routinely cleaned to improve the air flow.  Many of the internal fans run when heat builds up.
  1. Recycle your computer via the Delaware Solid Waste Authority recycling centers.  Remember to have the hard drive removed before you scrap a computer.   If you have a working late model computer consider donating it to someone else.   We can remove the data or we can provide the software to allow you to do it for your self.   You can visit our website page to find out the local Delaware Recycling Centers for all electronic goods.   No electronic equipment should be sent to landfills.  Remember that electronic equipment includes all household electronic goods such as TVs and other entertainment devices.
  1. Use the computerís software to turn off your monitor and hard drive when you computer is idle.   We have placed the instructions on our website. (Below)  Please email us if you need instructions for other operating systems and we will send them to you. These instructions are from Climate Savers Computing which is a joint effort by the large computer companies and the major environmental groups.
  1.  Try to stay current on the many new developments occurring in energy management and the Green Movement.   The new program being developed by the Rehoboth/Dewey Beach Green Task Force will be making more information available.   Our website will contain links to many useful sources of information and calculators that will help you learn what your efforts make in helping the environment.
  1. Recycle all printer cartridges and Laser Toner Cartridges.    Staples has a program that offers $3 coupons to be used from purchases in their stores for each cartridge recycled.  

Conservation Information and Links

Set Your Computer using Climate Savers Energy Saving Computer Settings:


    Windows 2000/XP

Energy Star Computer Federal Webpage


Delaware Solid Waste Electronic Waste Disposal and Disposal Sites

    DSWA Programs - Electronic Goods Recycling

Earth911.org for Identification of Nationwide  Recyling Locations including Commercial Outlets helping this effort


Climate Savers Computing Website


Rehoboth/Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce Green Team Effort


 Basic Computer Solutions is a proud Member of Climate Savers Computing.

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